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How do I access the companies report screen?

1. Click on ¨Reports¨
2. Click on ¨Entities¨
3. Click on ¨Companies¨

What is the companies report screen for?

On the companies report screen you can view all data related to the companies added to brickControl previously.

What does each field on the screen mean?

  • Companies

On the company Listing page we can find a detailed view of all the companies registered at the time.



 Field type

Code Code  
Name Company name   
Tax ID Tax ID  
Address Company address  
ZIP code Company ZIP code  
City City or town  
Province/State Province/State  
Country Country  
Phone Phone number  
Fax Fax number  
Email Email  
Website Company webiste   
Currency Currency  

How to´s

  • How do I filter the company data?

1. Click on ¨Reports¨

2. Click on ¨Entities"

3. Click on ¨Companies¨

4. Use the filters provided

5. Click on ¨Search¨

  •  How do I export details from the company report?

1. Click on ¨Reports¨

2. Click on ¨Entities"

3. Click on ¨Companies¨

4. Obtain the details from the report

5. Click on ¨Export¨


Where can I use the company reports?


The reports related to companies can be used as an agenda  or to get and view any data related to the companies.