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How do I Access the Projects screen?

1. Click on "Projects" 
2. Click on "Projects"

What is the Projects screen for?

Through the project screen we can register all data related to the projects being executed by the different companies added in

What does each field on the screen mean?

  • Project Listing

On the Project Listing screen we can find a detailed report of all projects entered in the system.

  • Editing – General Information

On this screen we can add data related to location, contacts and default configuration we want to apply by default to the project being edited in


Name Description Field type
Name Project name Required
Company Company that will carry on the project Quick search/required 
Company branch If the company has many branches, here you can indicate which branch will carry on the project .- 
Client Client who will receive the estimate for the project  Quick search/required 
Client branch If the client has many branches, here you must indicate which branch will receive the estimate .- 
Price database Price database that will be used to create the estimate Quick search  
Contract number Contract number .- 
Address Project Address .- 
ZIP Code Project ZIP Code Quick search
Country Country where the Project will be executed  Quick search/required
Province / State  Province or state where the project will be executed  Quick search  
Town/County/City Town, County or city where the Project will be executed  Quick search  
Telephone Project telephone number or mobile contact .- 
Email Project email .- 
Fax Project fax number .- 


Information related to the project  .- 
Payment method Payment method Quick search 
Allocation level Level at which to perform the allocation of project costs .- 
Project Project allocation  .- 

Project and unit allocation

Project/Chapter   Project and chapter allocation .- 
Project/Chapter/Unit Project, chapter and unit allocation .- 
Project/Chapter/Construction unit

Project, chapter and Construction unit allocation

Project/Chapter/Construction unit/unit  Project, chapter, Construction unit and unit allocation  .- 
Presentation Date the project has been presented .- 
Award Date the Project was awarded -. 
Rejection Date the project was rejected .- 
Start date
Once the project was presented and awarded, it will have a start date, which indicates the project is in execution
Finish date
Project´s finish date. This prevents charges from being inputted to the project after this date 

It is important to note that, the level you chose to do the different cost allocations, will define the way the system will perform the cost analysis for the different projects.

  • Editing – Contacts

In you can register all contact information related to the Project you are adding to the system.


  Field type
Contact name
Position within the company
Contact telephone number 
Contact email 
Contact mobile number
Fax number
Secretary name
Secretary telephone
Secretary  telephone number
Secretary email
Secretary email 


  • Editing - Estimates

In you can add as many estimates as are needed. In many occasions the first estimate is subject to modifications, and, if you wish to keep history of the changes, it is convenient to have many estimates, and not modify the original.

The first screen shows the estimates that have been marked as default. It is possible to add more estimates to the screen, and to do this you must press the + button, search and select the or the estimates you wish to add to the screen.

It is also possible to create new estimates. To do so, press the ¨new¨ button and access the ¨type of estimate¨ screen, where all the estimates that may be needed  are created. You can mark as many estimates as you wish as ¨default¨, these estimates will be the ones available for use when a new estimate is going to be created, and will appear automatically on the estimate screen.

It is possible to delete estimates that are not going to be used in certain projects. To do this, you must select the estimate you will not use, right click over it and select ¨delete¨.

The¨type of estimate¨ screen can be used for the first project added in You create all the estimates you may need, and mark as default those you wish, so in the coming projects, these estimates will show up automatically. In case you need more default estimates, you can do so by following the steps detailed before.

Name Description  Field type 
Code Code  .-
Description Description .- 
Default Mark estimate as default .- 
Once the different type of estimates are added to the system, you can click save and go back to the main screen, where you can define on to which estimate the cost allocation will be executed in (cost estimate) and on to which the certifications will be made (Sales estimate)

Name Description  Field type 
Decimals quantity Decimals to be used in quantities within Construction Units  .- 
Cost price decimals Decimals to be used in unit price cost .- 
Total cost decimals Decimals to be used in the total cost .- 
Sales price decimals Decimals to be used in unit sales price .- 
Total sales decimals Decimals to be used in total sales price .- 
Sale currency Currency   .- 


  •  Editing - images


  • Editing - Documents 



  • How do I add a new project?

1. Click on "Projects"

2. Click on "Projects"

3. Click on ¨New¨ 

4. Fill in the necessary information 
5. Click on the ¨estimates¨tab
6. Fill in the necessary information

7. Optionally, you can fill in the following fields:

  7.1 Click on the ¨contacts¨tab

    7.1.1 Fill in the necessary information

    7.1.2 You can add more contacts repeating steps in point 7.

8. Click ¨Save¨ 

9. Optionally, through BrickControl´s document management, you can add the following:

"Attached images"
   -  "
Attached documents"
10. Click on ¨Back¨  
11. Now you should see your newly created project, where you can edit it.

How do I create a project if I don´t have all the required data?


1. Click on ¨Projects¨

2. Click on ¨Estimates¨ 

3. Click on "+"

4. Fill out ¨name¨ and ¨company¨ fields
5. Use Tab to reach the end of the row, and click ¨Save¨  .The project is now created an available to be assigned to an estimate. 
6. Optionally you can continue adding data to the project from the Projects screen.
  •  How do I modify, add or delete data from a project? 

1. Click on ¨Projects¨
2. Click on ¨Projects¨

3. Select the data you wish to modify. Click on ¨Edit¨  

4. Select the tab where the data to be modified is located.

5. Click on the field and add, change or delete data as needed.
6. Click on ¨Save¨   
  • How do I add an image or a document to a project? 

1. Click on ¨Projects¨
2. Click on ¨Projects¨

3. Select the data you wish to modify. Click on ¨Edit¨  

4. Select ¨Images¨  or ¨Documents¨ 

5. Click on ¨Upload¨

6. Click on ¨Search¨

7. Select the files you wish to upload.

8. Click on ¨Upload¨
  • How do I delete a project? 

1. Click on ¨Projects¨
2. Click on ¨Projects¨
3. Click on the project you wish to delete
4. Click on ¨Delete¨ .
You will only be able to delete a project that is not currenty in use anywhere within the system

Where can I use the projects? 

The projects will be used in Estimates and Project Progress

Learn to use the graphic Interface

   In the projects screen the following graphic elements are used: 
  1. Toolbar
  2. Navigation bar
  3. Grid
  4. Search
  5. Field type: