What is the VAT screen for? 

On the VAT screen you can register the different VAT types that will be used in BrickControl.

What does each field mean?

  • VAT

On the VAT screen, we can add and view all VAT types registered in BrickControl.




 Field type

Code Code Required
Description Description Required
VAT % Percentage  

How to´s

  • How do I add a new VAT type?

1. Click on ¨General configuration¨
2. Click on ¨VAT¨
3. Click on ¨+¨
4. Fill in the required fields

6. Click on ¨Save¨ 

7. Now you can verify that the data added showing correctly

  •  How do I modify a VAT type?

1. Click on ¨General configuration¨
2. Click on ¨VAT¨
3. Click on the VAT you wish to modify and make the necessary changes
4. Click on ¨Save¨ 
  • How do I delete a VAT type?

1. Click on ¨General configuration¨
2. Click on ¨VAT¨
3. Click on the VAT you wish to modify
4. Press ¨Del¨
5. Click on ¨Save¨ 

Where can I use the VAT?

The VAT types added in the system, will later be used  in many processes and specifically on the issue and reception of invoices.

Learn to use the graphic interface

    On the VAT screen the following graphic elements are used: 
  1. Toolbar
  2. Grid
  3. Search
  4. Field type: