Document templates

How do I access the Document Templates screen?

  1. Click on General Configuration
  2. Click on Document Templates

What is the Document Templates screen for?

In the document templates screen, you can manage all templates that will be used for printing in BrickControl.

Get to know the screen

Document templates


On the document templates screen we can view, create, modify and delete templates that will be used in BrickControl.

Screen capture:

The first tab shows BrickControl standard templates, and can be used by anyone.
In case you wish to configure personalized templates, you can do so, in the ¨Personalized Templates¨ screen.

What does each field mean?:

On the upper part of the screen, you have 2 filters, ¨TYPE¨ and ¨LANGUAGE¨

The templates are used for all printing tasks, so the type of template can be:

¨Project Progress¨
¨Certification Progress¨
¨Certification Progress Invoice¨ 
¨Sales Invoice¨

For each template in brickControl, you have different formats, so they can be selected according to the information you want to show, and the way you want to show it.

 Name Description FIeld type
Format Indicates, verty briefly, the format of the template Required
Description Type and format Required
Template name Template name Required
Data Clicking data allows you to view all markers available for the type of template  .-

The standard BrickControl templates can be viewed by double clicking on the ¨Template Name¨ column.

If you wish to create custom templates, the best way to do so, is choosing the standard template that most fits your needs, and modify it accordingly to reach that template you have in mind. To modify the templates, double click on the ¨Template Name¨ column; this will bring up a word document containing the template, modify it as needed.

It is important to remember that the markers available can be found in ¨Data¨

Once the changes have been made, you must save the template in .rtf format and upload it to BrickControl, so it is available for printing.                 

To do this, you must click on ¨Personalized Templates¨ and select the type of template you are uploading (estimate, project progress, project certification, certification progress invoice, or sales invoice) and the language in which the template is in.

Then click on the ¨Upload¨ tab, click on ¨Search¨ and browse to the template on your computer. Once uploaded, you can see the template uploaded by click on ¨Edit/View¨, you will find your template on this screen.

If you wish to create a completely new template, create a document in word indicating the markers needed. The markers are variables that the system completes automatically with the correct information. The available markers are on the ¨Data¨screen. The markers must be inserted to the word document (Insert/Quick parts/ and select the field type ¨Merge Field¨. On Word 2010, after Quick Parts you must select Field, then select the field type) Type in the name of the field exactly as they are on the ¨Field¨ column in ¨Data¨. Note that they are space and case sensitive. Once the document is finished, you must save it as a .rtf file and upload it to BrickControl. 

How to´s

How do I modify a template?

  1. Click on ¨General Configuration¨
  2. Click on ¨Document Templates¨
  3. Double click the template you wish to modify
  4. Make the necessary changes to the word document
  5. Save the template as .rtf file
  6. Upload the template
  7. Click on ¨Save¨

How do I create a new template from an existing one?

  1. Click on ¨General Configuration¨
  2. Click on ¨Document Templates¨
  3. Double click on the template you wish to work from
  4. Make the necessary changes to the word document and save it as .rtf file
  5. Upload the template
  6. Click on ¨Save¨ 

    How do I create a template from scratch?

  1. Check the markers you will use depending on the template type
  2. Create a word document, indicating the markers you wish to use
  3. Save the document as .rtf
  4. Upload the template to BrickControl
  5. Click on ¨Save¨ 

How do I delete a template?

  1. Click on ¨General Configuration¨
  2. Click on ¨Document Templates¨
  3. Click on ¨Personalized templates¨
  4. Right click the template you wish to delete
  5. Click on ¨Delete¨ 
  Where can I use the templates?

The templates are used in estimates, project progress and invoices.

Learn to use the graphic interface

    On the Document templates screen, the following graphic elements are used: 
  1. Toolbar
  2. Navigation bar
  3. Grid
  4. Search
  5. Field type: