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How do I access the Currency screen?

  1. Click on ¨General Configuration¨
  2. Click on ¨Currency¨

What is the currency screen for?

Through the currency screen we can register all currencies the companies will work with in BrickControl.

The companies will have a default currency, which is that currency they normally do business with. If it has branches or does business in other countries, it can have two or more currencies assigned.

What does each field on the screen mean?

  • Currency

On the currency screen, we can add and view all currencies added to BrickControl.

Screen Capture:
 What does each field on the screen mean?



 Field Type

Code Code Required
Description Description Required
Symbol Currency´s symbol (¨€¨) Required
Number of decimals Number of decimals the currency uses .- 
Decimal name Name of the decimal ($ > Cents) .- 
Exchange rate interval This filed accepts values from 1 to 365. This determines the way the exchange rate will work. A value of 1 indicates that the exchange rate is calculated every day. A value of 2 means that it is done every 2 days, in this case the exchange rate calculated the day before will be used. .- 
  • Associated Currencies

Once all currencies are added to the system, you can set the conversion type. To do this, you must select a currency and click on ¨Associated currencies¨ on the upper right hand side of the screen:


On the upper part of the screen, you can see the currency to which the conversion type will be assigned. On the lower part of the screen, you have to select to which currency it will be converted. You can indicate as many conversion types for a currency as needed.

Name  Description  Field Type
Currency Currency  Quick Search 
Conversion type  Conversion type .- 


How to´s

  • How do I add a new currency?

1. Click on ¨General configuration¨

2. Click on ¨Currencies¨
3. Click on ¨Currencies¨

4. Click on ¨+¨

5. Fill in the required data

6. Click on ¨Save¨ 

7. Now you can check if the currency added is displayed on the currencies screen

  •  How do I modify a currency?

1. Click on ¨General configuration¨
2. Click on ¨Currencies¨
3. Click on ¨Currencies¨
4. Select the currency and make the necessary changes.
5. Click on ¨Save¨   
  • How do I delete a currency? 

1. Click on ¨General configuration¨
2. Click on ¨Currencies¨
3. Click on ¨Currencies¨
4. Select the currency you wish to delete
5. Hit ¨Del¨
6. Click on ¨Save¨   

Where can I use the currencies? 

The currencies screen will later be used in Projects and Sales invoices.

Learn to use the graphic interface

    On the currencies screen the following graphic elements are used:
  1. Toolbar
  2. Navigation bar
  3. Grid
  4. Search
  5. Field type: