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How do I access the invoice screen?

1. Click on ¨Revenue/Expenses¨
2. Click on ¨Expenses¨
3. Click on ¨Invoices¨

What is the invoice screen for?

Through the invoice screen, we can input line per line of each the invoice issued by the suppliers, and relate them to the different projects that are being executed in 

What does each field on the screen mean?

  • Invoice listing

On the invoice screen, we can view in detail all the invoices added to BrickControl, sorting them by date. (hyperlink)
Also, we can do searches by supplier, invoice number, and currency.
  • Invoices

In the invoices screen we can relate the cost of the invoices received from the suppliers, to the various projects created in BrickControl.

 Name  Description  Field type
Company Company the invoice is for  
Branch Branch the invoice is for  
Supplier Supplier that issued the invoice  
Number Invoice number  
Date Date  
Payment type Payment type  
Total Total  
Concept Concept  
Total Total  
VAT Vat  
Imputation Project to which the invoice belongs. If one invoice is to be allocated to more than one project,it must be specified here, inputting as many lines as projects are to be allocated.  
Imputation code This line is filled in automatically once the project has been selected  

How to´s

  • How do I add a new invoice?

1. Click on ¨Expenses/Revenue¨

2. Click on ¨Expenses¨
3. Click on ¨Invoices¨

4. Click on ¨New¨

5. Fill in the required data

6. Now you can verify the data added is showing correctly

  •  How do I modify an invoice?

1. Click on ¨Expenses/Revenue¨

2. Click on ¨Expenses¨
3. Click on ¨Invoices¨

4. Select the field you wish to modify

5. Select the tab where the data you wish to modify is located.

  • How do I delete an invoice?

1. Click on ¨Expenses/Revenue¨

2. Click on ¨Expenses¨
3. Click on ¨Invoices¨

4. Click on the invoice you wish to delete

5. Hit ¨Del¨


Where can I use the invoices

Invoices will later be used in Cost Analysis