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How do I access the workers screen?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨
2. Click on ¨Workers¨

What can be done on the workers screen?

On the workers page we can register all data related to a person who provides a service for each of the companies being managed through

The worker data is essential for processes that will be used later on, such as imputation of the working parties to the projects being managed on the system, and the analysis obtained through the reports module, based on information related to each client.

What does each field on the screen mean?

  • Workers listing

On the workers listing page we can find a detailed list of all workers added to date.
  • Editing - General Information

On this page we will add all data related to the worker being added to, such as name, location, and contact information. 
Name Description  Field type
ID number ID  Recommended 
Name Name Required 
First last name First last name .- 
Second last name Second last name .- 
Category Worker category  Required
Date of birth Date of birth .- 
Social security number Social security number Recommended 
Education background Education background .- 
Children Number of children  .- 
Marital status Marital status .- 
Address Address .- 
ZIP Code ZIP Code Quick search 
City City Quick search 
Province/State Province/state Quick search
Country Country  Required/Quick search 
Phone number Phone number  .- 
Email Email .- 
  • Editing - Phone numbers

In you can register all phone numbers related to the worker added to the system; to do this, you must click on the second tab and it will take you to the following screen, where you can add all phone numbers needed. 




 Field type

Type Phone type (Home, Mobile, office, etc) .- 
Phone Phone number Required 
  • Editing - Observations

On you can also register any comment or note related to the worker. to do that, you must click on the third tab on the worker page.
 Name Description Field type
Text Observation description Required 
Date Date   .- 
  • Editing - Cost Allocation

On the following tab, you can specify the prices that will be used for the allocation of work shifts on a by-the-hour basis (normal, extra, night or holiday), and specify prices for expenses and mileage (Kilometers)
 Name Description Field type
Currency Indicates currency used to show workers expenses Required/Quick search
Expenses In case expenses are to be reimbursed, they must be specified here .- 
Worker expenses In case worker expenses are to be reimbursed, they must be specified here  .- 
international expenses Amount given to the worker when working outside the country .- 
Mileage Cost per mile if applicable .- 
Other expenses Amount payed for other expenses .- 
Join date Worker join date Required
Leave date Worker leave date
Company Company the worker works for Required / Quick search
Normal hours Price per hour  .- 
Extra hours Price per extra hour .- 
Night hours Price per night hour  .- 
Holiday hours Price per holiday hour   .- 
Worker normal hour Worker´s charge per normal hour .- 
Worker extra hour Worker´s charge per extra hour  .- 
Worker night hour Worker´s charge per night hour -. 
Worker holiday hour Worker´s charge per holiday hour .- 
  • Editing - Medical Examination

On you can add the result of medical examinations done to the workers on the following tab.
Name Description Field type
Examination date Examination date   Required    
Care provider Name of medic or medical institution Required / Quick search 
Next examination Date of next examination   .- 
Examination result Result   .- 
  •  Editing - Listing

On you can create a list of all data related to the workers.    
 Name Description  Field type
Code Code .- 
Description Description .- 

How to´s

  • How do I add a new worker?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨

2. Click on ¨Workers¨

3. Click on ¨new¨  

4. Fill in the required information
5. Click on ¨Cost Allocation¨
6. Fill in the required data on the screen and hit enter.

6.1. Optionally, once all main data has been saved, you can continue adding worker data by clicking on:

     -  "Phone numbers"
     - "Observations"
  - "Medical history
- "Medical examination

7. Click on ¨Save¨  

8. Click on ¨Back¨  

9. Now you can verify that the worker created is shown on the list. Double clicking on the worker

name takes you back to adding, editing and deleting data associated to this worker.

  •  How do I modify, add or delete data from a worker?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨
2. Click on ¨Workers¨
3. Click on the worker you want to modify, and click on ¨Edit¨  

4. Select the tab containing the information we want to modify

5. Click on a field and add, modify or delete data

6. Click on ¨save¨   

  • How do I attach an image or document to a worker?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨
2. Click on ¨Workers¨

3. Click on the worker you want to modify, and click on ¨Edit¨  

4. Select the ¨Images¨tab or the ¨Documents¨tab 
5. Click on ¨Upload¨
6. Click on ¨browse¨
7. Browse to the file.
8. Click on ¨Upload¨
  • How do I delete a worker?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨

2. Click on ¨workers¨
3. Select the worker you want to delete.
4. Click on ¨Delete¨ 
Observation: We can only delete workers that have not been associated to processes seen later on in

where can I use the workers?

The workers can be used later in the Timesheets module


Learn to use the graphic interface

    On the workers screen, the following graphic elements are used:
  1. Toolbar
  2. Grid
  3. Search
  4. Field type: