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What can I do on the Clients screen?

On the Clients screen,  we can register all data related to persons or companies that make use of the professional services offered by each one of the companies being managed with Clients are shared by all companies, so they only need to be added once.

Client data is essential for processes that will be used later on, such as Broadcast of Invoices related to the projects being managed by, and the analysis obtained through the reports module, based on the information related to each client.

Get to know the screen...

        Client listing


On the client list page we can find a detailed list of all clients added to date.

        Screen view:
        Editing - General Information

On this page we will add all data related to client denomination, location, contact information and default configuration of the client being managed with
Name Description  Field type
Tax ID Tax ID number  Recommended 
Company Put a mark if the client that is being added is a company .- 
Individual  Put a mark if the client that is being added is a person  .- 
Generic Flags the client as generic, so that it can be used on processes globally without having to add clients for which related data is unnecessary  .- 
Company name Company name Required 
Name Name Required
First Last Name First Last Name .- 
Second Last Name Second Last Name .- 
 Business Name Comercial name by which the company is known .- 
 Address Address .- 
City City name Quick search
ZIP Code ZIP Code Quick seach
State/Province State/Province Quick seach
Country Country Required
Phone Number Client´s Phone Number  .- 
Email Client´s E-mail .- 
Website Client´s Website .- 
Fax Client´s Fax number .- 
VAT type Specifies the VAT type the client normally uses. Must previously be added to the system ¨General Configuration > Taxes¨ Quick seach
Payment type Specifies the client´s preferred payment type. Must be previously added to the system ¨General Configuration > Payments type¨ Quick seach
Currency Specifies the type of currency on which we will invoice the client. All currency types must be previously added to the system ¨General Configuration > Currency¨ Quick seach

  • Editing - Contacts

In you can add individual contact information for the persons related to a client being added to the system.

 Name  Description  Field type
Contact Contact name .- 
Position Position within the company .- 
Phone number Contact´s phone number  .- 
Email  Contact´s email  .- 
Mobile Contact´s mobile number  .- 
Fax Fax number .- 
Secretary Secretary name  .- 
Secretary´s phone number Secretary´s phone number .- 
Secretary´s email Secretary´s email  .- 
  • Editing - Branch

In it is possible to specify the company´s branches. At the same time, during Invoice broadcast, we can specify by branch the delivery address for each invoice.

Name Description Field type 
Description Branch description  .- 
Address Address .- 
ZIP code ZIP code Quick search 
City City name Quick search
Province/State State/Province  Quick search
Country Country  Quick search
  •  Editing - Images

Edición - Imágenes 

  • Editing - Documents


How to´s

  • How do I add a new client?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨

2. Click on ¨Clients¨

3. Click on ¨new¨  

4. Fill in the required information

5. Additionally. you can fill in the following fields:  

  5.1 Click on the ´Contacts´ tab

    5.1.1 Fill in the required data on the screen and hit enter.

    5.1.2 Now you can continue adding clients repeating these steps

  5.2 Optionally you can continue adding company data by going to the ¨Branches¨  tab.   

     -  ¨Branches¨

6. Click on ¨save¨ 

7. Optionally, once all main data has been saved, you can add pictures and documents using´s Document Manager:
 ¨Attached Images¨
   -  ¨Attached documents¨
8. Now click on ¨back¨  

9. Now you can verify that the company created is shown on the list. Double clicking on the client name takes you back to adding, editing and deleting data associated to this client.

  •  How do I modify, add or delete data from a client?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨
2. Click on ¨Clients¨

3. Click on the company you want to modify, and click on ¨Edit¨  

4. Select the tab containing the information you want to modify.

5. Click on a field and add, modify or delete data.
6. Click on ¨save¨   
  • How do I attach an image or document to a client?

1. Click on ¨Entities¨
2. Click on "Clients"

3. Click on the client you want to modify, and click on ¨Edit¨  

4. Select the ¨Images¨tab  or the ¨Documents¨tab  

5. Click on ¨Upload¨

6. Click on ¨browse¨

7. Browse to the file.

8. Click on ¨Upload¨
  • How do I delete a client?

1. Click on "Entities"

2. Click on ¨Clients¨
3. Select the client we want to delete.
4. Click on the ¨Delete¨ .
Observation: We can only delete clients that have not been associated to processes seen later on in

Where can I use the clients?

The clients screen, will later on be used on projects and invoices.

Learn to use the graphic interface

  On the clients page, the following graphic elements are used:
  1. Toolbar
  2. Grid
  3. Search
  4. Field type: