Payment Types

How do I access the Payment Types screen?

1. Click on ¨General configuration¨
2. Click on ¨Payment types¨

What is the Payment Types screen for? 

On the Payment Types screen you can register all data related to the payment types that the companies will be using in BrickControl.

This way, when you introduce an invoice, be it sales or purchase invoice, you can maintain track of your payments and charges, pending or completed.

What does each field on the screen mean?

  • Payment types

On the payment types screen we can get a detailed view of all payment types added to BrickControl.




 Field type

Code Code Required 
Description Description Required 
Number of expiration dates Number of expiration dates (1 if it has one expiration date, 2 if it as two, and so on) Required 
Days to first expiration Number of days for first due date (counted from the date the invoice was issued) .- 
days between expiration dates In case it has more than one expiration date, here you can specify the dates between each expiration date) .- 
Type by default Specified previously  .- 
Long description Payment type name .- 
  • Portfolio

On this screen we can specify the nature of the payment types added in BrickControl. If the payment is deferred, or in cash, or by wire transfer, etc. 




 Field type

Description  Description  .- 
Nature Selected .- 
  •  Expiration dates

In BrickControl you can register the different percentages on the expiration dates added to the system. A payment type with only one expiration date will have a percentage of 100%, while payment types with more than one expiration date, will need to have this percentage set manually. 

 Name  Description  Field type
Percentage Percentage by expiration date Required 
Type  Payment type .- 

How to´s 

  • How do I add a payment type? 

1. Click on ¨General Configuration¨

2. Click on ¨Payment type¨

3. Click on ¨+¨

4. Fill in the required data

5. Click on ¨Save¨ 

6. Now you can verify that the data is showing correctly
  •  How do I modify, add or delete data from a payment type?

1. Click on ¨General Configuration¨
2. Click on ¨Payment type¨

3. Click on the line you wish to modify

4. Select the field you wish to modify

5. Modify the data as needed
6. Click on ¨Save¨ 
  • How do I delete a payment type?

1. Click on ¨General Configuration¨

2. Click on ¨Payment type¨
3. Click on the line you wish to delete
4. Press ¨Del¨

Where can I use the payment types?

The payment types will later be used on Invoices.

Learn to use the graphic interface

On the Payment Type screen the following graphic elements are used:
  1. Toolbar
  2. Navigation bar
  3. Grid
  4. Search
  5. Field type: