Graphic Elements


  Type filter: Useful for searching by adding the data or part of it, and pressing ¨Enter¨
 Button: Clicking on a button will trigger the event. 
 Filters: Helps searching for a record according to a certain criteria

Navigation bar

The navigation bar allows you to quickly and easily see where you are in the system. As you enter different screens within the system, the navigation bar opens tabs according to the page you are currently viewing, showing you, your current route and location. 
For example, in the estimates screen, it is very easy to see which work unit, chapter, estimate and project the unitary currently in view belongs to. 

Thanks to this bar, going back, is as easy as clicking on the tab you wish to go to, without having to close any window (this is done automatically by the system when you go to a previous screen) 
The ¨house¨ tab is for the home screen.


The grid in BrickControl has several functions that make working with BrickControl easier.

The columns can be resized, to do so, you just have to move the line that separates them left or right accordingly.

If you click on a column name, the column organizes alphabetically from A to Z, and if clicked on, for a second time, from Z to A. This behavior applies to numeric and date columns also (from lowest to highest and viceversa).

Drag a column

You can drag different columns to the upper part of the screen (where it says "Drag a column here"), this way you will be able to see the infomation grouped by this criteria. You will see the information displayed in two levels; in the first level you will see each row of the column, if you press the button "+"  you will get the second level with all data.

It is also possible to drag more than one column, this is very usefull in those screens containing lot of data, because the information will be displayed filtered by more than one criteria. This way, the information will be available in more than two levels.
It is also possible to undo the filters by dragging the columns to the bottom of the screen.

You can sort the columns in the order you want; you just have to drag and drop them where you want to visualize them.

If you press the AGREGAR BOTON CHINCHETA  button, in the top of a column, you will set it fix. This way you will be able to move through the  report easily.
The AGREGAR BOTON SUMATORIA button, allows to sum the quantities of the column.


Quick search

When data is introduced and it already exists in the database, the system will show this data so the user can select it. For example, when a ZIP code that starts with ¨28¨ is typed into the field, all ZIP Codes starting with 28 will be shown, so the user can select the correct one: 

Field types

Required field 

If when saving a certain screen, a field is marked red, it is indicating that the file is required, and until this field is not completed, the data will not be saved.


Recommended field

Other fields are marked as recommended, and when they are selected a message will appear stating that it is recommended to fill in this field. These fields will be saved regardless, but are recommended to be filled out.