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BrickControl Login


How do I get a Brickcontrol account (user and password)?

If you still do not have a Brickcontrol account, you can get a free trial in the following link:
The free trial will expire in 30 days; if you want a payment account that will not expire ( see prices), you can do so in the following link:

You already have an account but can not remember your password?

If you don´t  remember your password, you can ask to recover it by email in the following link:

I already have a Brickcontrol account, how can I log into Brickcontrol?

To log into Brickcontrol, you have to follow these steps:
1. Access the following link: 

2. In the following screen you may introduce your user and password.

You can not see the start session screen?
To access this screen you need to have Microsoft Silverlight installed.

How can I install Microsoft Silverlight?

1. Access the following link: 

2. Click on "Microsoft Silverlight"

3. The installation file "Silverlight.exe" will start to unload, when it finishes, you will have to execute it in order to start the installation.

4. Now you just have to follow the steps that will be indicated in the screen, it is very easy, you simply have to press "Install".

5. Once the installation is completed you will have to access  the following link again:

You will have to wait a little bit, until the start session screen has been loaded, in order to introduce your e mail and password.

You still can not see the start session screen?
Click on the following link: 
and follow the steps this Microsoft site indicates you,  to install Microsoft Silverlight.